About this book

Composite authors:

Publication of this book was planned several years ago by the authors and this is our modest contribution to the development of transport history in Russia. We hope that the renewed development of urban electric transport, which appeared tentatively in major cities across the country in recent years, will continue and be reflected in newer editions of this book.

The authors of the Atlas of Urban Electric Transport In the Russian Federation are indebted to the directors and specialists in electric transport enterprises for their kind help in providing current statistical data. Special thanks are due to the administrations, archives, and to other organisations at federal, regional and municipal level, for providing information and archive data. The special contribution of experts from electric transport enterprises, ethnographers, historians and transport enthusiasts, who provided invaluable assistance, requires separate mention; in particular Yury Maller (New York), Dmitry Merzlov (Moscow), Vadim Rozaliyev (Moscow) and Sergey Tarkhov (Moscow).

The decisive factor in publishing this book was the support of the International Association of Urban Electric Transport Enterprises and especially Lyudmila Kazakova and Vasily Ostryakov.

A more detailed list of acknowledgments is presented in relevant section of this book. Many thanks to all those who spent their time and energy to make this atlas better and more interesting for the reader!